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The Ultimate List of Online Thrift and Secondhand Stores in Canada and US

Why spend money and emissions traveling from store to store when you can now shop secondhand direct online?Today I am sharing with you a MEGA list of amazing online thrift options from small business ecommerce shops, to larger scale marketplaces. I’ve divided it up based on country of origin for those who are wanting to support those local to them, however, I’ve included details on where they ship to under each.

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Lifestyle, Sustainability, Home Claudia Cotici Lifestyle, Sustainability, Home Claudia Cotici

20 Home Items that You Can Most Definitely Find Second Hand

Through my love of thrifting, I have often found myself coming across repeat household items. I am not sure if there is just an influx of these items in circulation, or for some reason individuals are replacing these items and donating them on regular; regardless, it’s nice to have a solid list of items I know I am sure to find on my thrifting ventures should I ever need to replace or invest in a new home item.

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Fashion, Lifestyle, Sustainability Claudia Cotici Fashion, Lifestyle, Sustainability Claudia Cotici

What is Thrifting and How to Do it Right

I love thrifting so much. It’s the coolest thing on earth if you ask me. There’s something so special about finding that perfect clothing piece that is worn just right, or that piece of furniture that gives a lived-in look to your space. A satisfaction you can't get from picking something off a rack at a store that has 10 or 15 duplicates on display.

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