Claudia Wright, Owner of Zero Waste Creative


I’m Claudia

I am a senior graphic designer and Illustrator passionate about advocating for a zero-waste lifestyle, climate change, and sustainability. 

There are not enough people writing about the real-life zero-waste lifestyle in Canada. I am experiencing that myself. I used to be misled by the beautiful zero-waste, minimalist aesthetic on Pinterest. It is not like that for your average household. My goal is to encourage you to live your best zero-waste life and share my experience in the process. 


More graphics for the environmentalists, minimalists, and zero-wasters

I noticed there are not enough creative resources for you, the advocate, and the companies who value making eco-friendly choices and sustainable products. I am here for you. I am creating beautiful resources related to all these topics so you can spread the word and succeed. 


Small but mighty 

I currently live on a small island in Canada called, Prince Edward Island. Although it is a small place, I am confident I can make a big impact because of the supportive community I have here.

How I started my zero-waste journey

After 11 years of doing professional work as a graphic designer, I was finding myself taking more and more clients and being very busy all the time. I didn't want to be busy all the time. I wanted to start a family and focus on things that would make my soul happy. My husband and I started the fertility treatment and soon I realized that our careers were affected. This blog is my way of sharing my passion and my enthusiasm about a topic I think is IMPORTANT. I learn big lessons and it would be too bad to keep them to myself. 

Two years ago, I started reading about sustainability. Last year I started making changes in my home and implementing sustainable products in my house. I started with using what I already had. I used the heck out of my plastic containers until they had holes in them, and I repurposed some for organizing things in the garage. Then I started finding sustainable alternatives I could replace them with. 

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Community is key

I believe that we can never create things in a bubble, so if you are interested in any of the things I mentioned above, let's connect on Instagram and Pinterest. 

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Let’s be friends

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