The Ultimate List of Online Thrift and Secondhand Stores in Canada and US

Why spend money and emissions travelling from store to store when you can now shop secondhand direct online? While I am all about supporting your local thrift stores and circulating goods within your local economy if there is a specific item you are after this might be a better option for you. There are so many online stores and thrifting marketplaces making it super easy and accessible to find exactly what you are looking for. Many allow you to search by style, colour, size, and fit; while others are suited to a specific customer.

Today I am sharing with you a big list of amazing online thrift options from small business eCommerce shops to larger-scale marketplaces. I’ve divided it up based on country of origin for those who are wanting to support those local to them, however, I’ve included details on where they ship to under each.

If you are new to second-hand shopping and need some tips on how to make sure you end up with the things you actually need instead of buying impulsively, check out my guide to thrifting for some of my best tips. Not all of them apply to online shopping but my process and list-making habits can still really help.

Did I miss any with this list? Share your favourites with me in the comments of this post so I can add them in.

Happy Shopping!

Canadian based online thrift Stores and INDEPENDENT resellers

Mission Thrift Store

Mission Thrift offers a unique collection of clothing, furniture, and housewares procured by donations in the respective store areas.

Shipping: Store Pickup in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan


This Winnipeg based store is on a mission to “reimagine the use of thrift clothing making it more ‘cool’, accessible, and more fun.” Find a wide variety of clothing, accessories, and footwear for men and women.

Shipping: Canada Wide

Style Democracy

StyleDemocracy organizes the biggest warehouse sales and pop-up sales in North America, offering popular fast fashion brands at affordable prices. While warehouse isn’t exactly second hand, you can find a ton of discounted merchandise that is either imperfect, or from older collections at their events or online.

Shipping: Canada/US


Effortless is a conscious fashion reseller than bundles their merchandise in small, capsule like collections for easy shopping. If you are in the Toronto area and are looking to clean out your closet, the company offers a pickup service to recirculate your pieces for you.

Shipping: Canada/US/International

Ready to Wear Again

The website Ready To Wear Again sells ready-to-wear second hand women's clothing, accessories, and shoes in new or near-new condition. For those in the Kawartha Lakes or Durham Region in Ontario, owner Kim offers a consignment program with a 60/40 revenue split.

Shipping: Canada/US/International

Black Market Vintage Clothing

The Black Market is a Toronto landmark that offers deadstock, wholesale, antique, architectural and vintage merchandise, as well as vintage clothing and accessories.

Shipping: Local Pickup in Toronto, ON | Canada/US/International

Hun Fashion

Hun is an on-trend thoughtfully curated online thrift boutique based in Toronto providing a second life to popular fast fashion brands such as zara, h&m, and urban outfitters.

Shipping: Canada Wide

Citizen Vintage

Citizen Vintage is a collective effort by Lara and Becky — two successful vintage enthusiasts who fatefully met at their very first vintage pop up sale. The site includes tons of vintage, as well as their own branded collections, accessories, art, and more.

Shipping: Local Pickup in Montreal, QC | Canada/US

New Life

This streetwear inspired brand based in Edmonton, Alberta and Regina, Saskatchewan, aim to provide unique and affordable second hand pieces to their customers. If you are looking for streetwear specifically, definitely be sure to check out their clothes and accessory offerings.

Shipping: Canada/US/International


In person and online, Turnabout and Turnabout Luxe stores are the premier shopping destinations for luxury designer consignment in British Columbia and across Canada. Carrying women and men’s clothing as well as a multitude of luxury handbags and garments.

Shipping: Canada Wide


Poshmark is a community marketplace allowing sellers to list, sell, shop, and rate, other independent retailers closets for secondhand pieces and procured vintage collections.

Shipping: Worldwide (seller origin dependant)


Shonnie is an independent seller in British Columbia with a great selection of vintage dresses and denim. She offers a selection of bold prints and staple pieces for women’s wardrobes.

Shipping: Canada/US


Suzie is an independent seller based out of Montreal with a five star rating and clear, intentional style. All of the secondhand and vintage items in her shop are timeless with silhouettes to fit many body types.

Shipping: Canada/US

united states based online thrift stores and INDEPENDENT resellers

The RealReal

The RealReal is a luxury brand reseller who prioritizes quality and authenticity. They are best known for selling designer handbags, as they take the time to authenticate each piece. They also carry designer clothing, accessories, jewelry, and fine art.

Shipping: Canada/US/International


ReBag is a buy/sell/exchange site for luxury handbags and accessories. They carry thousands of beautiful bags and accessories from 50+ of the top designers from across the world.

Shipping: US wide


Grailed is unique in that it’s 100% dedicated to menswear. The marketplace is filled with different styles from independent sellers all over the world. You can find secondhand and vintage clothing, outerwear, and sneakers.

Shipping: Worldwide (seller origin dependant)


ThredUp is growing in popularity quickly for its great prices and huge selection of secondhand clothing. “We’re an online consignment & thrift store, where you can constantly refresh your style while creating less waste.” They are big advocates for the energy saving benefits of second hand.

Shipping: Canada/US has secondhand apparel and accessories up to 95% off retail price for the entire family — including maternity wear. The company prides themselves with the quality of their merchandise declaring they will "shatter your idea of thrift”.

Shipping: US Wide


Tradesy is the largest peer-to-peer luxury platform in the US. The site makes it simple and safe to recirculate pre owned luxury pieces and save up to 90% on purchasing from designer brands.

Shipping: Worldwide (seller origin dependant)


If you are a talented online shopping or vintage ificianato, you might find luck on one of the original secondhand marketplace websites ever available. Ebay hosts a variety of independent secondhand shops as well as unique one of pieces being sold by resellers.

Shipping: Worldwide (seller origin dependant)

Let me know your favourites so I can add them in to the list!

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