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4 Zero Waste and Reusable Period Products

Let’s be honest, maintaining a zero waste lifestyle while you are on your period can seem daunting. As women, we have enough on our plates all while dealing with the unpleasant symptoms of a period. Seriously, it’s one thing to swap out shopping bags and kitchen utensils, but swapping out your most personal hygiene product? You have to be pretty confident and committed.

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Gifting, Holidays Claudia Cotici Gifting, Holidays Claudia Cotici

How to be Sustainable During the Winter Holidays

The holidays are the most magical (waste filled) time of the year! From plastic packaging, and unwanted gifts, to food waste and extra carbon emissions from travel, there are SO many opportunities to throw sustainable habits out the window for the sake of ‘good cheer’. I hope this post can encourage you to show as much kindness to the planet as you do those around you this holiday season!

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Food, Lifestyle Claudia Cotici Food, Lifestyle Claudia Cotici

What is flexitarian diet and why might be the best fit for you

Over the years I have tried to test out a lot of different diets and routines to see which fit best with my lifestyle. When I adopted a zero waste lifestyle two years ago, I realized I needed to consider the greater impact of my food choices. Not only did I want to prioritize my mental and physical health by eating well, but I also needed to adjust my habits to reduce the amount of waste I was producing in my kitchen.

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Fashion, Lifestyle Claudia Cotici Fashion, Lifestyle Claudia Cotici

Fast Fashion is Hurting the Planet

Last week celebrities and influencers flooded the red carpets of the Met Gala, New York Fashion Week, and the MTV Music Awards. Whether or not you follow the culture, the coverage was hard to avoid. There were tons of media outlets covering all the attendees looks from head to toe and what made them great or a miss. Whether or not you like it, the pedestal placed on this fashion and the attention on trends impacts the entire industry of fashion.

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Lifestyle Claudia Cotici Lifestyle Claudia Cotici

Slow Living Guide

Maintaining a busy life and mindset might propel you forward in some ways, but it can also hold you back from others. What if I told you that didn’t have to be the reality you choose? That you could make the conscious effort to live more intentionally, slow down, and enjoy the present moment instead of rushing to the next one. It has taken some serious unlearning but I am proud of the progress I have made. Today I’m sharing with you how.

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Sustainability, Lifestyle Claudia Cotici Sustainability, Lifestyle Claudia Cotici

What is Circular Economy and Why Should you Care About It

It is not uncommon for the concept of a circular economy to come up within the zero waste community. The structure and values of the system run parallel with the values of the lifestyle, it does make sense, but I don't often see it explained in such detail. Today I am answering your questions on what it is, how it can benefit us, and more!

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Sustainable Rebates and Programs Islanders Must Take Advantage of in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is a province that takes it’s sustainable future seriously. There are a multitude of established home and vehicle programs to maximize your savings while making eco-friendly purchases, upgrades, or swaps. In this post I’ve listed are all of the green rebates and incentives available for Islanders to take advantage of alphabetically.

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Sustainability, Latest Claudia Cotici Sustainability, Latest Claudia Cotici

5 Ways to Stop Hurting the Coral Reefs

It is our duty to not only protect the land of the earth, but the water as well. Litter, pollution, overfishing, and climate change are all impacting the future health of reefs as we speak. Not only is this detrimental to thousands of species, it’s important to know that the health of our oceanic ecosystem affects humans too. So what can you do to help? Today I’m sharing 5 practical ways to stop hurting the coral reefs.

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