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What is flexitarian diet and why might be the best fit for you

Over the years I have tried to test out a lot of different diets and routines to see which fit best with my lifestyle. When I adopted a zero waste lifestyle two years ago, I realized I needed to consider the greater impact of my food choices. Not only did I want to prioritize my mental and physical health by eating well, but I also needed to adjust my habits to reduce the amount of waste I was producing in my kitchen.

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Food, Latest, Lifestyle, Holidays Claudia Cotici Food, Latest, Lifestyle, Holidays Claudia Cotici

Zero Waste Easter Ideas

Like any celebration, Easter can produce some extra opportunities for waste. From cooking for a larger group to yearly family traditions, unsustainable practices tend to run rampant during holidays. Prevent this from happening by planning ahead or create new traditions rooted in sustainable practices so they can ethically be carried on for years to come.

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