35 Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffers for the Holidays

In this gift list I will be sharing a whole bunch of stocking stuffer sized gift ideas that are both practical and safe for the planet! I kept this list pretty general in terms of who the items are meant for, focusing on small items that can add value to the life of those you love.

I stuck to very practical items for this list - If you are looking specifically for affordable gift ideas, check out my 25 zero waste gifts under $25 list or one of my other holiday gift lists:

Here are 35 sustainable stocking stuffer ideas:

Compact reusable bag

A compact reusable bag can come in handy for a teacher who struggles with the morning rush, a stay-at-home mom who loves to cook, and everyone in-between. These compact ones are a great item to have on hand. It’s an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution to wasteful plastic bags in a pinch.

Reusable swab

This multipurpose reusable silicone swab can replace the need for plastic and cotton disposable ones. it can be used in many instances such as cleaning ear canals, removing makeup and dirt or cleaning electronics and jewelry. The silicone makes it super easy to clean.

Dish brush

An eco-friendly alternative to disposable sponges, this beechwood pot brush is easy to clean with and can be used in many areas around the home. The stiff yet soft natural bristles make a great practical gadget for someone newer to sustainable living.

Bar of soap

Everyone uses soap! An artisan bar of handmade soap packed with essential oils and skin loving ingredients (bonus points for being plastic or package free) is a great item to include in anyone’s stocking this year.

100% organic cotton tea towels

Everyone can use some extra towels for around the house. Made from 100% organic cotton, these towels are non toxic and free from harsh chemicals. Organic cotton makes them biodegradable after use.

Produce bags

This organic cotton mesh bag replaces the need to use flimsy and toxic plastic bags as a multipurpose and eco-friendly storage solution. It comes with a drawstring to keep little items safe and secure.

Tea steeper

A tea steeper is a kitchen staple and a great stocking stuffer gift idea thanks to its compact size. Loose herbs, teas, and even coffee can be placed in the stainless steel container and hung off the side of a favourite mug to steep.

CBD cold brew

This is a fun, unexpected addition to any coffee lover's stocking. This super concentrated vegan, sugar free cold brew is infused with American grown hemp-derived CBD to balance the caffeine jitters. The cans packaging are 100% recyclable too!

Organic kitchen apron

This naturally derived apron made of hemp and cotton is a great kitchen staple for any home baker or chef. The denim look is practical for anyone around the house and a practical pocket for utensils.

Beeswax wrap

A new set of beeswax wraps will be a lovely surprise to anyone who values the environment! This reusable kitchen solution makes saving foods easy and cute. When washed and stored properly they can last up to a year.

Bath bombs

These bath bombs are packed full of Epsom salts, essential oils and clay to help you enjoy your bath to the fullest. Simply drop one piece into running water and watch it fizz around your bath releasing a gentle aroma. 

Bamboo toothbrush

Everyone can use a new toothbrush! These bamboo ones are strong and biodegradable after use. A way better alternative to plastic disposable ones.

Nourishing hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has become a personal staple. This Canadian made one has aloe and vitamin e in it to combat dry hands and keeps nails healthy.


Multipurpose moisturizing oil

Everyone can find use for a multipurpose body oil like this cruelty free one loaded with the best nourishing oils: coconut, almond, jojoba, and olive oil. It can be used for the skin, hair and nails and smells amazing.

Mineral bath soak

Stock your favourite bath lover's stocking with a mineral bath soak loaded with epsom salts, himalayan salts, dead sea salts, and french sea clay from the cult favourite low waste brand Bathing Culture.

Solar flashlight

A flashlight is a really great practical tool to gift someone. This solar one is perfect for anyone who enjoys spending time outside or likes to be prepared for emergencies.

Room reed diffuser

This amazing smelling oil diffuser is a great natural alternative to chemical filled room sprays. The plum, vanilla, amber, and floral botanical scented oil travels up the wood reed sticks and out into the room's air.

Non-toxic nail polish

Nail polish is a great stocking sized gift for any beauty lover. This one by BKind is vegan and free from the top 10 chemicals commonly found in nail polish formulas.

Wool dryer balls

Give someone the gift of a dryer-sheet free life! Wool dryer balls are an awesome stocking sized gift. They can be sprayed with essential oil to add a fresh scent to any load.

Vegan candle

This mini lavender & vanilla candle candle from Public Goods is a perfect little self care moment for your recipient to indulge in. It's vegan, north american made and does not contain lead, dyes, BPA, or phthalates.

Sisal & Palm Pot Scrubber

A sustainable scrubber can replace plastic or metal pot scrubbers, great for heavy-duty yet scratch-free cleaning like stuck-on food, heavy stains, burnt scraps, grease on cast iron pots.

Natural hand lotion

A nourishing lotion is great during the colder dry seasons to keep hands soft. The one in the link is Canadian made and includes skin loving shea butter. 50% of the packaging is made from recycled ocean bound plastics.

Swedish Sponge Cloth

These biodegradable dish sponge cloths are a must in any eco-friendly household. It helps that they are super cute! Check out my shop for a wide variety of cool designs. One of these can replace up to 17 rolls of paper towel. Just rinse, and reuse.

Phone case

Pela phone cases are a great stocking stuffer swap for any tech lover. Their biodegradable phone cases can be composted after use and have a cool texture for easy smooth grip. They offer sizes for basically every current model of phone, plus some older ones.

Plant-based soap dish

This sop dish is made from fossilized algae. It's water-absorbent and quick-drying which makes it ideal to place on the kitchen and bathroom counters where water can accumulate without frequent clean-up. 

Fair trade plastic free scrunchies

There aren't any plastic elastics to be found within these scrunchies made from fair trade organic cotton and natural rubber. The business is a social-good business dedicating profits to local charities.

Wooden essential oil diffuser

This tiny artisan wood piece naturally absorbs and diffuses any essential oil added to the blocks. It will emit aroma without any water or electricity - a great stocking stuffer for any plug in scent lovers still out there.

Market bag

A organic cotton mesh market bag is a small stocking stuffer that can come in handy a big way. These breathable bags can double their size. Perfect for anyone who likes to spend their Saturday mornings at the farmers' market

Measuring cups

A solid stainless steel set of measuring spoons or cups are a great stocking stuffer for anyone who likes to cook or bake.

Wooden spoon

From cooking to serving, a classic wooden kitchen spoon can come in super handy around the kitchen. It is also beautiful to look at.

Collapsible silicone cup

Some of the barriers in lugging around your reusable cup is the fact that they take up so much space! This collapsible cup makes it easy for grabbing a drink on the go.

Konjac Sponge

This beauty sponge gently exfoliate your skin, shedding away dead skin cells, and giving your skin a smooth, glowy complexion. The one tagged is infused with charcoal minerals and is made from 100% plant fibers making it completely biodegradable after use.

Perfect for someone who brings their lunch to work or school, this sturdy wooden cutlery set is super light and smooth, with great grip. The little fabric travel wrap can fit perfectly inside a stocking without needing wrap.

Reusable Cotton Rounds

These come in really handy for anyone who wears makeup or cares about skincare. They can be used to remove makeup, or apply toning products to the skin. A great alternative to single use disposable rounds.

Natural Car Fragrance

This wood scented car freshener will give off a better than new scent. It’s vegan, and a part of each purchase gives back to local and national charities.


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