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Gifting, Holidays Claudia Cotici Gifting, Holidays Claudia Cotici

How to be Sustainable During the Winter Holidays

The holidays are the most magical (waste filled) time of the year! From plastic packaging, and unwanted gifts, to food waste and extra carbon emissions from travel, there are SO many opportunities to throw sustainable habits out the window for the sake of ‘good cheer’. I hope this post can encourage you to show as much kindness to the planet as you do those around you this holiday season!

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Lifestyle Claudia Cotici Lifestyle Claudia Cotici

Save the Planet with 50+ Zero-waste Swaps (PDF Checklist + eBook)

There is a misconception that the zero waste lifestyle is fancy and expensive, but the truth is it isn’t fancy and it doesn’t have to be expensive. It is not fancy because the main idea to reuse as much as you can — so the jars you reuse might not all look the same. It doesn’t need to be expensive because you do not have to buy everything at once and once bought, you will not need to buy them again…

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