I tried the Ruggable Rugs in my Home [Ruggable Review]

When it comes to rugs, I have tried them all.

Wool rugs, Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, synthetic rugs… and unfortunately, none of them really worked for my home.

We have two dogs who constantly dirtied our beautiful rugs. I had to clean yearly, and it would cost me around 600 CAD to take them to a cleaner. It wasn’t a sustainable long term option for my wallet, floors, or lifestyle.

So this time around when I started searching for a new rugs for our living room and my office that were both beautiful, yet practical — I came across Ruggable. I really liked the idea of a rug that I could easily wash at home and decided to give them a try.

My Livingroom Ruggable Rug- 8’x10’

My Livingroom Ruggable Rug- 8’x10’

Entry way Ruggable Rug- 2.5’x7’

Entry way Ruggable Rug- 2.5’x7’

Office Ruggable Rug 6’x9’

Office Ruggable Rug 6’x9’

So, I bought three rugs: one for the living room, a high traffic area and where dogs hang out most of the time; one rug was for the entryway, a very high traffic area, and then my office. The rug in my office serves helps to reduce the eco in the room.

Important to note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions shared about Ruggable are my own from my experience as a paying customer.

Key takeaways

  • In my opinion, Ruggable rugs are the most sustainable option on the market

  • The rugs save money because you don’t have to clean them professionally

  • The rugs are easy to clean at home

  • The rugs can last a lot longer thanks to their interchangeable layers

What I like about Ruggable

I like the Ruggable rugs because they are easy to clean at home and that I don’t have to spend 600 CAD every year to wash them. The rugs hold pretty well in high traffic areas and hide dirt well, depending on the design.

I also like how much more affordable the rugs are compared with other brands. You can pick and choose your size, colours, and style to fit the look of your home and easily swap out the top layer for a new look.

The company is involved a lot of admirable philanthropic work. They work with organizations such as A Sense of Home and Baby2Baby to furnish homes for families and donate essentials to new mothers. They are also partnered with One Tree Planted and impressively grew 100,000 trees in 2020 to help offset carbon emissions.

What I dislike about Ruggable

One of the main reasons I dislike Ruggable is the fact that a lot of their rugs contain plastics. They do use 100% recycled polyester where possible, but their Chenille and Outdoor Rug Covers for example uses polyurethane.

I also wish they had a recycling or reuse program in place to extend and recycle the rugs somehow. With such a wide variety of covers and the washability factors it would be wonderful if they could resell or have a swap program for gently used covers so that they are used as much as possible.

One issue I encountered with the rugs I own is vacuuming. I can not seem to be able to use my cordless Dyson floor head on these rugs. Instead, I have to use the furniture head to be able to vacuum them. When I am using the regular floor head for my vacuum, it creates a seal and lots of suction that doesn't allow the brushes to move.

Are Ruggable rugs good?

The Ruggable rugs are as much of a rug as traditional rugs, but they are thinner. They come in two parts: the rug cover and the rug pad and are machine washable. Obviously ‘machine washable’ accessibility is dependant on the size and type of your machine. I wouldn’t suggest jamming a 8X10 floor rug into a condo sized washing machine — however taking it to a laundromat with an industrial washer is still a LOT easier and affordable than hiring professional cleaners.

The Ruggable rugs are perfect for every type of home and they helped me style my home easily in a sustainable way. They offer so many different styles, are made with recycled materials and can be reused for a long time. I think it’s great that you can purchase different top layers as your style or needs change and can swap them out season to season which will make them last a lot longer too. Ruggable put together a guide on how wash the pieces you can check out here.

What is Ruggable?

Ruggable is a company in United States, California that produces washable, interchangeable, stain-resistant, water-resistant, non- slip rugs.

The company has different types of rugs:

  • The Chenille Rug is made of polyester with a polyurethane water-resistant layer

  • The Plush Rug is made of modacrylic, acrylic, and polyester with a polyurethane water-resistant layer

  • The Outdoor Rug is made of polyester with a polyurethane water-resistant barrier

  • The Re-Jute Rug is made of up to 182 recycled plastic water bottles and is made to order to reduce waste

Is polyester eco-friendly?

Polyester is a type of plastic and is not eco-friendly because it is made of petroleum and the process of transforming it into plastic is carbon-intensive. Polyester is not biodegradable or compostable.

Are the Ruggable rugs sustainable?

Ruggable rugs are more sustainable than other rugs on the market because they are:

  • Non-toxic - The rugs are tested for toxicity and they meet the US government standards, they are not chemically treated and water-based dyes are used which makes the rugs as safe as clothing.

  • Made of recycled materials - Their Re-Jute rug is built to last from recycled water bottles. They have the look of jute, without the rough feel of it. Thanks to the recycled material, they are mold, stain, water, and fade resistant.

  • Easy to wash and long-lasting - Thanks to Ruggable’s two-part system, customers are able to mix and match a base layer with add a top one to match their space. Since they are machine washable, customers do not need to spend a lot to keep them clean and will not need to replace them as often.

  • Made to order - Ruggable products are made to order which minimizes waste. Once you place an order, the US based team will begin the manufacturing process, ensuring they only make what is sold.

Do Ruggable rugs shed?

Ruggable has two types of rugs: Chenille and plush rugs. The chenille rug doesn't shed but the plush rug sheds a little bit. Compared to other plush rugs, the Ruggable plush rugs shed way less.

How long does it take to get a Ruggable rug?

The expectation for delivering a Ruggable rug is set within 2 to 4 weeks. Based on my experience on ordering three different sized chenille rugs (8'x10'- 17 days, 6’x9’- 20 days, 2.5x7- 9 days) the average delivery time is 15 days.

You have to keep in mind that every rug is made to order, so every time they get an order, they have to actually make the rug for you.


How was the experience of washing a Ruggable rug?

First of all, before even ordering the rug you must figure out if you can actually wash your rug at home. The company has a comprehensive guide to help their customers figure out if the cover rugs fit in their washing machines. You can read the guide here.

Secondly, keep in mind that the Ruggable rug is made of two parts- the Rug Cover, which is washable and the Rug Pad which is spot cleaning only and it looks like velcro.

For a comprehensive guide on how to clean your Ruggable rug check out this blog article that explains how to clean each type of rug Ruggable offers.

Washing the rugs was piece of cake. The rugs fit nicely in my washing machine and they came out clean and fresh.

Where is Ruggable located?

Ruggable is a Los Angeles-based company. The company has teams in LA and Chicago to create rugs.

Who owns Ruggable?

Ruggable is currently owned by the founder Geneva Bell.

Where does Ruggable manufacture their rugs

Each rug is made and packaged in Los Angeles or Chicago, and is sourced from certified suppliers in Korea, China, Germany, and Mexico.

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