Things I wish I knew as a Canadian and Romanian citizen when all my Romanian IDs were expired or did not exist

Hey there, fellow adventurer! If you're in a situation where you need a Romanian ID, but you only have your Romanian birth certificate, don't worry—I've got your back. I'm here to share my experience with you and make this process as easy as possible.

I was so confused about how I can apply for a CRDS passport without a transcribed marriage certificate and vice versa.

1. Ensure Your Romanian Birth Certificate is in Good Shape:

Your Romanian birth certificate is your starting point. Make sure it's in good condition. If not, consider updating it. Without a valid Romanian ID or passport, you might face some challenges. You'll need to get a CRDS passport first, so renewing your birth certificate is crucial.

If your birth certificate is not in good shape I suggest you still try to apply for the CRDS passport and promise you will update it afterwards.

2. Lost Your Romanian ID (Buletin):

If you've lost your Romanian ID and you don't recall it, chill. You didn't lose it, it was kept by the Romanian officials when you applied for a Romanian passport at the embassy ( as Romanian living abroad)

As Romanians living abroad, our residency isn't considered in Romania so no “BULETIN” can be issued for us.

Instead, you'll need the CRDS passport, which serves as a valid Romanian ID for Romanians abroad and also lets you travel within the European Union.

3. Expired Romanian Passport

If your Romanian passport expired due to COVID or other reasons, don't fret. You can apply for a CRDS passport without a marriage certificate, but you'll be listed as "not married" in Romania.

Bring your old passports with you ( the expired ones), your birth certificate and pay a tax to apply for the CRDS passport.

Later, you can use this CRDS passport to transcribe your Canadian marriage certificate into the Romanian registry.

4. Register Your Marriage in Romania:

Don't repeat my mistake—register your Canadian marriage in the Romanian registry as soon as possible.

I am pretty sure I will get a fine because I didn't registered it sooner.

It's crucial for any future legal procedures in Romania, such as adoption or buying property.

5. Double Citizenship Caution:

As dual citizens of Canada and Romania, we're privileged, but be cautious you can loose the Romanian citizenship.

Consult a lawyer to understand the potential risks to loosing your Romanian citizenship.

Now, let's get into the steps I took to sort out this mess.

Step 1: Apply for the CRDS Passport

- As a Romanian citizen living abroad, the CRDS passport is your go-to ID.

- Initially, I applied on but withdrew my application as I lacked the transcribed Canadian marriage certificate.

- I completed the process in Ploiesti, Romania, during a 5-week visit in 2023. Required documents: birth certificate, tax payment, and old passports.

- Don't worry if your birth certificate is damaged; promise to update it after obtaining your CRDS passport and actually do it.

- Helpful officers in Ploiesti guided me through the process and ensured everything went smoothly.

- Remember to bring your expired passport as proof of your previous citizenship.

I recommend you pay the tax only to a bank or close to the police station shops where they actually can offer the option to pay a tax for the CRDS passport. I paid the tax online but there was no option for the CRDS passport. I was told that I got it wrong and there is an option but I tried again and there is no option on the application. Anyway, I paid it again at a small shop near the police station where I applied for the passport.

Step 2: Update Your Birth Certificate

- If your old birth certificate is worn out or damaged, get a new one.

- I did this in Ploiesti, and it took just two days. The staff was super helpful.

Step 3: Transcribe Your Canadian Marriage Certificate

- Ensure your Canadian marriage is registered in Romania for future legal matters.

- This process can be complicated due to a lack of a Hague convention agreement between Canada and Romania.

- You can apply on or hire a lawyer (cu procura). I recommend the latter due to the complexity and expense.

- Hiring a lawyer also saves you from having to travel to Montreal.

I hired a lawyer. Keep in mind that it takes time to do the paperwork that allows a lawyer to take action in your behalf. You will need a notary and an interpreter for your spouse in order to get the power of attorney ( procura) done.

Step 4: Renew Your CRDS Passport

- After transcribing your marriage certificate, update your CRDS passport to reflect your new marital status.

Congratulations on navigating this challenging process! You're now well on your way to enjoying the benefits of dual citizenship in Canada and Romania. 🇨🇦🇷🇴

I am Claudia, I am a Romanian living in Canada for the last 10 years.


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