25 Ways to Use Reusable Silicone Bags

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Plastic sandwich or freezer bags have been some of the most convenient, staple home products for the last 20-30 years. They are multipurpose, lightweight, and relatively cheap. A very tempting thing to keep around even though they aren’t great for the environment. Similar to paper towels, new environmentally friendly alternatives are deeming them obsolete. Oh, and if you haven’t heard Canada is on its way to banning single-use plastic.

It’s finally time to get on board with the updated, eco-friendly silicone alternative that can do way more than your standard ziplock. Not only that but they are super easy to clean and will last for up to 5 years!

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So are you ready to learn about all the cool ways you can use these versatile bags? Keep reading to learn 25 ways you can use silicone storage bags in your everyday life.

in the kitchen

  1. To store leftovers

    You can store them in either the fridge or freezer, the bags can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand afterwards.

  2. To steam vegetables in the microwave

    Add frozen vegetables to a bag and fill up a 1/4 of the way with water, close the bag 90% of the way and place in the microwave on your steam setting. Leave the bag slightly open for releasing steam.

  3. Marinate tofu or vegetables

    The weight and strength of the bags make them perfect for marinating your protein or vegetables in advance. Simply add your marinate mix in a silicone bag with the food and lay flat in the fridge for the required length of time.

  4. Sous vide cooking

    Thanks to the heat resistant material, these bags work great for DIY sous vide. This cooking method is the process of letting food cook by placing it in a pot of boiling water. See full instructions in a video here.

  5. Make ice cream

    Simply add cream, salt, sugar, ice and toppings to a bag and make easy homemade ice cream in as little as fifteen minutes! Check out an easy to follow recipe here.

  6. Scramble Eggs

    Similarly to steaming vegetables, eggs can be easily cooked in the microwave with a little milk or butter and a half sealed silicone bag. Simply crack the eggs inside with seasoning and liquid, and turn on for 1:30 minutes.

  7. Freeze cookies or pancakes

    Oftentimes, cookie and pancake recipes both produce a lot more than needed in one serving. To keep them fresh for later, simply place inside a bag and freeze. Pancakes can then be taken out and placed in a toaster for easy mornings.

  8. Smoothie packs

    For simple ready to blend smoothies, combine your fruit, vegetables, protein, yogourt, and whatever you like into small to medium sized silicone bags and freeze. When you want a smoothie, simply dump the contents into a blender.

  9. Pickle vegetables

    You can easily pickle vegetables like cucumbers and onions in a silicone bag by adding your sugar/vinegar mixture to the bag, ensuring it covers the contents. See a full recipe here.

  10. Pop popcorn

    Similarly to the brown paper bag method, you can easily make popcorn with a silicone bag. Simply add the popcorn and a teaspoon of coconut oil to a bag and shake, then leaving a corner open, microwave for 1:30-2:30 minutes.

  11. Mash bananas and avocados

    Safe on blender power by throwing ripe bananas and avocados in a silicone bag and easily mashing with your hands. This is great for homemade guacamole or banana bread, as well as homemade baby food.

in the bathroom

  1. DIY body scrub

    The bags make it super easy to combine ingredients and keep them safe. A great use for leftover coffee grinds or brown sugar is to place them in a silicone bag and add your oil of choice.

  2. DIY baby wipes

    Fill the silicone bag with clean rags, thin cotton towels, or swedish towels, as flat as possible like a store bought pack of baby wipes. They you can pour over water, baby soap, and baby oil to make them moist and effective. See recipe here.

  3. Makeup bag

    Most quality makeup bags are lined with a plastic to prevent messes if a product were to spill or leak out. A silicone bag can make a great insert in your favourite bag, or stand alone as a solution. The soft texture prevents breakage too.

  4. Flat or curling iron mat

    The heat resistant silicone is perfect for protecting surfaces from hot hair tools. Simply place underneath the tool while in use, and then put it back inside once you are done.

  5. To get every last drop

    Is there a product you love that you can’t quite get to the bottom too? Sometimes it’s easier to dump it out — simply squeeze or cut your product open into a clean silicone bag and use it all up.

in the home

  1. Organize accessories

    Thanks to the soft silicone material, these bags are great for organizing accessories without scratching them up. Jewelry, belts, and sunglasses can all be stored in separate bags upright to make them easy to sort and find.

  2. To package gifts

    Ditch the wasteful paper and plastic packaging and opt for storing your gifts for friends and family in silicone bags. Not only will it keep them safe, they can be reused for any of the other things on this list in addition to your gift.

  3. Freeze jeans safely

    If you aren’t familiar with this trick, it is a stylist’s best kept secret. Instead of washing your jeans over and over and ruining their elasticity, you can place them in the freezer to remove bacteria and odor between wears. Putting them in a silicone bag will keep them seperate from the food in your freezer and prevent the fabric from getting in the way.

  4. First aid kit

    Collect all your bandages, antiseptic, gause, and tape in one place by placing them in a brightly coloured silicone bag. This will keep them dry and easy to find in case of an emergency.

on the go

  1. Pack for travel

    Keep organized on the go with different coloured silicone bags.

  2. Keep contents dry at the beach

    Prevent sand, water, and other gunk into your important stuff by placing your wallet, phone, headphones, tablet, or book in a sealed bag.

  3. Keep your wet workout clothes/bathing suit separate

    Keep a silicone bag in your workout bag to store your sweaty/wet apparel separate from the rest of your bag’s contents. A large size could also work for running shoes.

  4. Keep electronics safe

    Whether it is in your backpack, purse, or briefcase, when you are storing a lot of different things, accidents can happen. Best stay prepared and keep expensive electronics safe by keeping them in a separate silicone pouch.

  5. Use as a produce bag or at a bulk store

    Be sure to check with your local grocer to see if it is possible for you fill up silicone bags with dry goods instead of using their provided plastic bags. That way, you can bring items straight into your pantry from the store.

What’s your favourite way to use silicone bags?

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